The new YELD NFTs designs

Our new NFT dApp is soon to be released so in preparation for such an important event here’s a short tutorial explaining all the key aspects regarding our own NFTs. Users will be able to create their own variations and make them available for others.

Understanding YELD NFTs

We’re releasing a new dApp for purchasing limited-edition card NFTs. Each card can be purchased exclusively with YELD tokens on the Ethereum network.

Each card gives you a passive APY, meaning you earn YELD just by holding your NFTs! Each NFT is it’s own profit-making machine. …

In this tutorial you’ll learn all the functionalities available to you in the new Yeld loans dapp so you can safely begin to use it and get the most out of your money.

Each feature has been carefully created to innovate from what currently exists in lending DeFi with things you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s the index of contents you’ll learn in this complete tutorial:

  1. How to start using the CDL Loans dapp
  2. How to stake a coin and earn an APY
  3. How to check your earnings from the staked coins
  4. How to borrow tokens and repay loans
  5. What…

Capture taken from the new yeld website redesign

Welcome to a short article outlining the progress made at to release one of the most advanced lending dApps in the entire DeFi space! Read on to find out more about:

  • Who audited the contracts
  • The time and steps before the initial release
  • The promotional progress including an exclusive interview with Merunas at a crypto youtube channel

Technical progress

Given the complexity of the lending contracts I’m making sure they are secure by fixing several issues found by myself and the audit. Here’s how it’s going so far:

  • The audit is almost complete by Solidity Finance, one of the most reputable…

In order to improve the security of our recently created Smart Contracts, we’re conducting a bug bounty to find unexpected vulnerabilities. Those that find them will be rewarded.

In order to participate, fill this form where you’ll find how to submit vulnerabilities and where.

This bug bounty will have a total reward of 300 YELD distributed to those that find vulnerabilities based on several factors including severity, frequency and difficulty to reproduce the vulnerability. The rewards may be increased if necessary.

The Yeld Finance team is at the sole discretion of determining the rewards per finding based on those…

In this short article you’ll see how we plan to release the dApp in order to create a strong impact while also ensuring security as much as possible. If you’re not familiar with the YELD CDL Lending dApp, read this article first:

  1. An initial audit by a reputable company: Even though audits are not perfect solutions for smart contract security, we believe it will help detect important issues early on while also giving users trust into where they are putting their money on.
  2. Give access to private group members: While the loan dApp was being developed, we created a…

We’re working hard at making Yeld one of the best DeFi protocols out there with innovative features in lending and staking. The main focus being the creation and delivery of the new CDL Loans dApp.

Currently here’s how the dApp looks like with the contract interactions and responsive design:

Some of the most interesting features of it are:

  • Fixed interest rate loans: Users will be able to get fixed lending rate loans allowing loan borrowers to always pay a fixed amount of interest with no unexpected increases or volatility i.e: If you borrow 10 ETH having to repay 11…

This is an exciting time for us and the community of investors and supporters.

To ensure that token investors and stablecoin staking yield farmers receive the maximum benefits from YELD, we wanted to provide details on the dApp for a better understanding of the features. dApp has two main components for staking:
Optimized Yield Farming — Stablecoins
Retirement YELD Treasury — YELD Token

Optimized Yield Farming (Stablecoin Staking)
Stablecoin staking is available in DAI, USDC, USDT and TUSD.
The APY is generated based on farming 50 YELD per day.
YELD dApp’s APY has a direct relationship with the token price.
A higher token…

Bringing the community to collaborate together 🙌

Dear yelders,

We want to give you the opportunity to collaborate with us and make our project more approachable to the community. We have decided to crea a Bug Bountry Program, this will give you and opportunity to make our product better, more secure & free of bugs. 🔐

All the community is welcomed to participate, there will be compensations ranging from $100 for a minor bug to $30,000 a critical one.

Bug Bounty Program

You can participate in the bug bounty program for the YELD smart contracts in the following repository. …

Beta dApp is live! 🚀


Today we are finally launching the Beta of our platform, it is a very exciting moment for us, hope we get to a high rate of adoption and we deliver what the community hoped to have.

Firstly, we want to introduce the utility of the YELD token:

  • Yield Farming (20,000 YELD rewards)
  • Retirement Yield (earn 1% of the interests generated of the yield farm)
  • Buy & Burn Mechanism (profit from a decreasing supply just by holding YELD)
  • Governance (have voting power on the next step of the project, available soon)

After Governance the community will…

Getting ready for the launch of the dApp with the help of YELD Community

Dear yelders,

It has been a fun week in the YELD community! We ran and subsequently chose the winners of our YELD Lottery, published our first audit from Bramah Systems, and went live for trading on CoinTiger. More on this, community governance, and details about our dApp beta below.

Community Growth 📈

We have seen a large influx of new yelders in the past couple of weeks! Our Discord and Telegram groups now have over 2,000 & 1,350 members, respectively. …

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