Key CDL Loans Progress Update Before Release

Capture taken from the new yeld website redesign

Welcome to a short article outlining the progress made at to release one of the most advanced lending dApps in the entire DeFi space! Read on to find out more about:

  • Who audited the contracts
  • The time and steps before the initial release
  • The promotional progress including an exclusive interview with Merunas at a crypto youtube channel

Technical progress

Given the complexity of the lending contracts I’m making sure they are secure by fixing several issues found by myself and the audit. Here’s how it’s going so far:

  • The audit is almost complete by Solidity Finance, one of the most reputable auditing companies there is. I’m implementing the suggestions given by them. The result will be published eventually.
  • I’m completing the loan defaulting functionality since I’ve found a few issues that could be a problem. This should take about 2 to 3 days to complete.
  • The bug bounty has started and it’s going well! Several developers are working at finding potential issues so the contracts are properly secured, though no system is perfect and there may be unexpected issues later on. Be aware of that.

I expect this whole process to be complete in a week ready by about April 20, enough time to implement the audit suggestions and fix current bugs.

Promotional progress

Now it’s very important for people to understand how the dApps works so they are able to stake and get loans effectively. Knowledge is essential. That’s why a video will be created explaining how to use it so new users are confident in it’s functionality.

Another video will be made with the dApp benefits and how it positions itself in the market. It’s clear this lending dApp is one if not the best lending dApp out there by the features it provides, at least from what I’ve seen so far.

Features like customizable and fixed interest rates by time, the crypto score functionality and complete decentralization makes it a strong contender in the DeFi lending space. That’s why I’m confident in keeping this low-key before releasing it so the impact is higher.

Rather than overhyping the product with empty promises I believe it’s best to focus on delivering the best product possible and then let the value speak for itself after a strong initial marketing push. Too many products are based on constant marketing and unsustainable protocols that end up unused. We’re here to change that with useful innovation.

Marketing efforts will start with 2 Ask-Me-Anything sessions in popular telegram channels. Videos will be created as promotional material. Infographics too. This will continue for 1 to 2 months.

I’m securing an interview with Julien from EatTheBlocks, one of the largest channels in technical crypto out there. I’ve been meaning to talk with him since I love his content so this could be a great opportunity to collaborate.

Be sure to check his channel since he delivers the best value there is when it comes to smart contracts and DeFi. It will be an interview video to me, Merunas, to talk about my trajectory in crypto up until creating It’s gonna be awesome!

That’s the progress so far hope this article shines some light to the current state of and the new CDL Lending dApp so you understand where we are at this moment and what comes next.

If you’re a developer feel free to join our bug bounty with up to 300 YELD tokens as rewards by filling this form:

Follow us on twitter at, telegram at and follow us here on medium to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Oh and the new website redesign is complete, it will be released in the coming days!

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