The YELD dApp is officially live!

This is an exciting time for us and the community of investors and supporters.

To ensure that token investors and stablecoin staking yield farmers receive the maximum benefits from YELD, we wanted to provide details on the dApp for a better understanding of the features. dApp has two main components for staking:
Optimized Yield Farming — Stablecoins
Retirement YELD Treasury — YELD Token

Optimized Yield Farming (Stablecoin Staking)
Stablecoin staking is available in DAI, USDC, USDT and TUSD.
The APY is generated based on farming 50 YELD per day.
YELD dApp’s APY has a direct relationship with the token price.
A higher token price provides a higher APY (as seen during the initial testing).

Our recommendation is an 80/20 (Stablecoin/YELD) split when farming with Stablecoins. This will generate the best APY within the dApp.
A huge benefit when utilising the YELD dApp is that it uses an advanced mechanism to automatically find the highest APY from all DeFi protocols on the market. Yield farmers earn YELD.

Buy & Burn Mechanism (Token Value)
1% of Stablecoin deposits will be deducted upon withdrawal time (Stablecoin unstake).
This amount will be divided as below:
Buy & Burn Mechanism (%0.98 of the total deposit amount in stablecoins)

For a yield farmer to claim their Stablecoin farmed YELD, they must unstake their Stablecoins.
The unstaking action initiates the Buy & Burn, reducing the total circulating supply of the YELD token for a price increase.
With a larger volume of staking and unstaking of Stablecoins, a larger volume of these 1% deductions will equate to more YELD tokens being burned.
Buy & Burn will continue until we reach total supply of 10,000 YELD.
After this level, all 1% deduction will go to the Retirement YELD Treasury for YELD holders.

YELD Retirement Treasury Fund (Bonus fund for staking your YELD token)
Earning %0.02 of the total deposit amount in Stablecoins.
Retirement Yield reward will be generated based on 0.02% of Stablecoin deposits during unstaking (to claim YELD for example).
Percentage amount of 1% deduction will be changed based on a vote by the community.

Notes: 1% deduction from Stablecoin deposit can be changed upon coming vote.

Governance (Voting power for YELD, available soon)
After Governance, the community will take the lead in the project and will decide the next exciting implementation.

Notes: 5% hold of Stablecoin equivalent in YELD token has been voted and will be implemented soon. Furthermore, voting to increase this value will happen in future as the 5% hold has already been voted on a month ago.

For more detail on how the YELD dApp works, please check out the Q&A below:

Where do I stake?

The official website is
Click on Stake and you will be redirected to where you can access the dApp.
You must have your wallet connectd or access through your wallets browser.

How many YELD tokens should I hold?
Whether you are staking Stablecoins or YELD, you need to hold 5 YELD in your wallet to use the dApp.

How do I stake Stablecoin?
To start staking Stablecoin, choose the desired Stablecoin and input the amount you want to stake. Then click stake and approve transactions shown on the web3 wallet.
There’s no % requirement to stake meaning you won’t have to hold a variable amount of YELD tokens to stake Stablecoin.

What is the expected APY?
The APY is variable and depends mostly on the YELD token price.
You will find a button called “Yield Mechanics” in the dApp with more details.

How can I claim retirement yield?
Users that hold YELD tokens can stake their YELD balance and redeem Retirement Yield everyday based on their holdings.
To redeem your Retirement Yield follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Stake Yeld” with the amount to stake.

For more information about our dApp, please visit our website and

YELD.FINANCE dApp is the best DeFi staking platform on the market.
With the most advanced DeFi protocol APY Aggregator available and very efficient mechanisms to ensure investors are rewarded long term, YELD has a solid foundation to ensure anything built in future is backed by a dApp that will always provide returns.

Thank you very much!


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