YELD CDL Loans Bug Bounty

In order to improve the security of our recently created Smart Contracts, we’re conducting a bug bounty to find unexpected vulnerabilities. Those that find them will be rewarded.

In order to participate, fill this form where you’ll find how to submit vulnerabilities and where.

This bug bounty will have a total reward of 300 YELD distributed to those that find vulnerabilities based on several factors including severity, frequency and difficulty to reproduce the vulnerability. The rewards may be increased if necessary.

The Yeld Finance team is at the sole discretion of determining the rewards per finding based on those factors. Those that include a detailed report on how to reproduce the issue and how to solve it with several alternatives will be valued higher than those that don’t.

Note that our code is not public yet therefore we need your github username to give you access so you’re able to check the smart contracts. Make sure to check the license too in the repository.

Get started now by filling this short form (less than 1 minute to complete)

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