YELD: Lottery Winners, Community Governance & dApp Beta Testing

Getting ready for the launch of the dApp with the help of YELD Community

Dear yelders,

It has been a fun week in the YELD community! We ran and subsequently chose the winners of our YELD Lottery, published our first audit from Bramah Systems, and went live for trading on CoinTiger. More on this, community governance, and details about our dApp beta below.

Community Growth 📈

We have seen a large influx of new yelders in the past couple of weeks! Our Discord and Telegram groups now have over 2,000 & 1,350 members, respectively. We are humbled by the support we have received and sincerely thank you for it.

In case you missed it, Merunas did an AMA with CryptoRevolution. The transcript can be found here.

Lottery 🎊

We wanted to reward our community for being loyal YELDers so we decided to conduct a lottery last week, giving away 10 YELD (~3,000$). To win, all you had to do was retweet our Lottery, join the Telegram group and hold at least 1 YELD at the time of the drawing. We received over 330+ entries and are thrilled to announce the winners:

@SNAShuhan @FundBags @ARP2600l @smellmylink @cryptovortexx

First Audit: Complete

Over the weekend we received word from one of our auditors, Bramah Systems, that they had completed their audit of our smart contracts. Big thank you to them and for the recommendations/suggestions they provided. We took their comments to heart and have already implemented the minor details. No high risk nor medium risk bugs have been found in the code.

The second audit by CoinFabrik is going to be released soon and will be announced through our social media channels.

Live on CoinTiger 🐯

As announced last week, YELD has partnered with CoinTiger to expand access to buying/selling YELD. CoinTiger has over $75 Million daily volume and we have a marketing partnership with them to give away another 40 YELD. You can find YELD on CoinTiger.

Community Governance 👨‍⚖️

Even prior to releasing our dApp we want our community to drive the decisions we make regarding the future of YELD. If you have been active in our Discord and Telegram groups, you have noticed that we have held several votes on how to approach our dApp launch. If you are not participating in our community yet, here is the history of what decisions have been voted with the collaboration with the community:

  • The design of the website
  • The % of YELD needed to make use of the Yield Farming Pools (5%)
  • The number of days for the Beta Testing period of the dApp (2 days)
  • The amount of YELD required to access to the beta testing period (5 YELD)
An example of the community participating in the voting process

If you would like to participate in future votes prior to this being controlled by token governance, sign up for our Discord or Telegram. We look forward to seeing you there!

Launch of dApp & Beta Testing Period 🚀

Prior to launching anything, we wanted to have both of our audits completed. With one done, and another expected to be completed soon, we feel it is the right time to announce this.

Our planned launch for beta is scheduled for 8th of October and will last 2 days. To participate, you must have at least 5 YELD tokens. Please keep in mind that this is a beta launch, and while we are not expecting any issues, we ask that you remember this if you choose to participate.

Be on the lookout for an upcoming article on how to use the dApp and maximizing your profits as a YELD holder.

Lastly, as always, thank you all for your continued support. 💪